Dulp is a simple arcade game that task you to shoot the ball towards the matching color pieces on the spinning wheels.

Clear each level by destroying all the colored sections.


"Sure to help you lose track of time and sleep. I feel victim to its addictive qualities"  (5/5)  -  iOS Etc

"A solid game that packs a lot of challenge into small, simple package."  (4/5)  -  Android Guys

"the perfect arcade game for a rainy day. Dulp's speciality lies in it's simple gameplay"  -  TheAppzine

"Super challenging, yet frustrating. Reminds me of aa a lot. I just can't put it down."  -  MattyGee63

"I actually see progress while feeling really challenged each level. This is a game you'll keep around for a while. It's the kind of game I want to tell my friends about"  -  Adawestart

Recognition / Accolades

Featured on App Store's "Best New Games" section  -  in US, Canada, Australia

Featured on Google Play's "New + Updated Games" section  -  in US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia

Featured on TechRadar's New this week list

Featured App on TheGreatApps.com

#6 Top Free Games on App Store  -  Nov 18th, 2015

#3 Top Free Arcade Games on App Store  -  Nov 18th, 2015

#4 Top Free Games on Google Play  -  Nov 23rd, 2015

#1 Top Free Arcade on Google Play  -  Nov 22nd, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can each level be solved?
We have manually designed and tested every level to ensure that they can be solved.

2) Are the wheels rotation randomized?
No, the wheels are designed and tied to an exact repeating speed at every replay. You can win the same level a 100 times with the same solution.


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